Unparalleled Assurance: Lux View Windows’ Comprehensive Guide to Warranties and After-Sales Support

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Unparalleled Assurance: Lux View Windows’ Comprehensive Guide to Warranties and After-Sales Support

Investing in new windows and doors is a significant decision, and at Lux View Windows, we want you to feel confident and secure in your choice. Our commitment to quality extends beyond the moment of installation; it encompasses a decade of unwavering support through our comprehensive 10-year warranty. In this guide, we’ll delve into the details of our warranty and the after-sales support that sets Lux View Windows apart.

Understanding the Lux View Windows 10-Year Warranty

At Lux View Windows, we believe that true quality stands the test of time. That’s why we offer a 10-year warranty that covers every crucial aspect of your doors and windows:

Door and Window Hardware

Lux View Windows ensures that all hardware components, from handles to locks, are covered by our warranty. This includes any functional issues or defects that may arise.

Fabrication of the Frame

The structural integrity of your doors and windows is a top priority. Our warranty includes coverage for any fabrication-related concerns, providing peace of mind regarding the durability of your frames.


The clarity and insulation provided by our glazing solutions are integral to your satisfaction. Lux View Windows’ warranty includes coverage for any issues related to the glazing, ensuring a clear view and optimal energy efficiency.


We stand by the quality of our installation process. Should any complications arise due to the installation of your doors and windows, our warranty has you covered.

After-Sales Support: Beyond the Warranty Period

Our commitment to your satisfaction doesn’t end with the warranty period. Lux View Windows takes pride in offering exceptional after-sales support:

Responsive Customer Service

Have a question or concern? Our customer service team is just a call away. We’re committed to providing prompt and helpful responses to ensure your ongoing satisfaction.

Skilled Technicians

Should you encounter any issues, our team of skilled technicians is ready to address them. From minor adjustments to more complex repairs, we have the expertise to keep your doors and windows in top condition.

Maintenance Guidance

Proper maintenance is key to prolonging the life of your doors and windows. Lux View Windows provides comprehensive guidance on caring for your investment, ensuring it retains its beauty and functionality over the years.

Choosing Lux View Windows: A Decision for a Decade and Beyond

With Lux View Windows, you’re not just investing in premium doors and windows; you’re choosing a decade of assurance and support. Our 10-year warranty and after-sales services reflect our commitment to your satisfaction, making Lux View Windows the trusted choice for discerning homeowners. Contact us today to explore our range of products and experience the Lux View Difference. Your peace of mind begins with Lux View Windows.

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